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Why do you screen?


I screen solely for my own protection. Given the nature of this business, I am placing myself in a rather vulnerable position so that we can enjoy each other. I need to know who I am meeting, so that I feel comfortable.


What if I don’t feel comfortable sharing information with you?


I assure you that your information will be kept entirely private. I do not ask for these details to harm you, but rather, to ensure my safety. Screening also helps you, because I can assure you, more unsavory characters and law enforcement do not care who shows up, only that you show up.


If you still aren’t comfortable with screening, I suggest you seek out a companion who does not require this information.


How to screen?


I give two options


  1. You can provide your occupation and your employer (no worries, I won’t call or visit your place of employment, as I wouldn’t want someone to do that to me, either), or some other information where I can verify you are who you say you are.

  2. A reference from another companion. Please ensure you have seen this companion in the last six months, and that you let her know to expect my email.


Please be advised, this may be all I need, or I may ask for additional information. Thank you for your cooperation. Non Disclosure agreements can also be made available, if that eases your mind.

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