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Deposits, Refunds, & Cancellations Policies

Why deposits?


Deposits show a companion that you are truly serious about making a connection, and that you value their time. Personally, my deposit requirements vary depending on a variety of factors. Potential friends can expect to deposit anywhere from $50 to 50% of the entire booking. This helps me know my suitor is committed to our arrangement.


How can you pay a deposit?

I offer a couple options.

  1. Send the payment electronically via a number of electronic payment outlets.

  2. Purchase a Visa gift card, and send me a picture of the card, front and back.

Refund Policy:

Due to the nature of these endeavors, I am unable to refund deposits if you cancel. If for any reason I have to cancel, I will refund your deposit immediately, or you can choose to use it for a rescheduled appointment.

***Please note that deposits paid via gift card cannot be refunded, and they are only eligible for rescheduling***

Cancelation policy:

If you cancel 48 hours before our scheduled visit, there is no fee.

If you cancel 47 hours or less before our scheduled visit, there is a 50% cancellation fee. If you choose not to pay the cancellation fee, I will either decide not to see you again, OR if I do decide to see you again, 150% of the rate will be due BEFORE the rescheduled appointments.

No calls, no shows will result in you being blocked. I really do not enjoy doing that, so please, don’t make that my only option

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